The Hawks

8,888 Kings of the sky,
high sports rollers hawks unique,
fully 3D on a mission to change the metaverse as you know it

We begin by building a big and strong community on all major relevant platforms (Discord,Twitter, Instagram etc.). Our community will deliver opportunities for investments that willrevolve around the project's utility and collaborations.
You’ve probably heard about lots of promises of exclusive parties, we are here to deliver.We are about to change the game with our collaboration with - A big time risingplayer in the events and parties world (over 10 million tickets sold).
With a high end ticketing platform that provides all services related to exclusive event communities. Members of our community will get special access to join as club members, with some unique world wide events. As we will continue to progress with our plan, fans will get a chance to win exclusive giveaways for some of the world’s biggest and most lit festivals and parties! Some venues will be hosted in Miami, Iceland, Tulum and more exotic places.We might throw some giveaways for big festivals even before the mint, who knows?
$HAWK will be the utility token, usable within our marketplace where you will be able to purchase NFT goods and real life utility using all our great partners and collabs. More details coming soon.Hawks will be staked to earn $HAWK
As a project that stands for high end entertainment, we believe in actions.We have collabs with some of the biggest names in the market, we will reveal everything soon. Here at Crypto Hawks Club we believe in real life value for our community and most loyal members. During the community building process we will expand our real life value even further thanthe topics we’re focusing on right now.
We are opening a network, located on the metaverse, for sports and online betting.As we see the metaverse as the future of the NFT world and part of the Web 3.0, we arealready developing a social betting platform that will allow our members and users to interact with their friends while they’re playing some of their favorite games and even betting on their favorite teams, sneak peeks will be dropped on our discord. Crypto Hawks Club’s mission at this point is to build 4 metaverse platforms, casinos and clubs for users to have some of their ultimate fun experience, and it will all revolve aroundsports, gaming and more fun fronts waiting to be utilized.At this stage, our NFT holders will get access to VIP zones, with many benefits such as Cashbacks on betting and concierge services. Did someone say streaming?
With all that utility and value we bring, beautiful art must come with. The Hawks are in 3d astonishing art and will be your own metaverse avatar, created by amazing artists that worked with Halo, Age of Empires, ASUS, PLAYBOY, FENDI, YANDEX and more.
Community wallet - As we are a part of the NFT market for a long time, we know howimportant it is for the community to work and make decisions for the future together. A fixed amount of all secondary market sales, as well as a fixed amount of the casino earnings will go directly into the community wallet and be governed by the community only. Together we are stronger :)

How does “minting an NFT” work?


Minting is the process by which your digital art or digital content becomes a part of the Ethereum blockchain. The NFT minting process is Similar to the way real coins are created and inserted into circulation.

On what blockchain network is the project on?


The Ethereum Blockchain.

How many Crypto Hawks club will be released?


8888, with over 200 different traits we decided to choose quality over quantity, and our fine 3d art will definitely be popular as the sky's the limit, literally…

When will you announce the official launch?


The official launch is yet to be announced, but stay updated as we’ll provide details on our discord server for our early bird supporters.

How do I buy a Crypto Hawk?


We will take you under our wings in every step of the way. We suggest that you join our Discord first, because most of our announcements and news are happening there…You will also get extra information about your hawk, release date, and minting details on our Discord server.

Do you have a whitelist?


Of course we do, and all the details on how to get a spot on it will be provided on our Discord or further down in your reading.

How do I get a spot on the whitelist?


Here are some steps that you can do in order to earn an early whitelist spot to get your Crypto Hawks club:

Get a minimum of 10 invitations to our Discord.
Easy as a flap of a wing right? the number will probably change pretty fast so hurry up and secure your place on the whitelist before it all fills up!

P.S - Engaged members will earn extra points that’ll get them that WL spot even faster…

How do I get a Baby Hawk?


All Crypto Hawks club owners will get the opportunity of adding a Baby Hawk to their collection.Once they’re designed and ready they will take off and land on our official website for the grabs.

Mr Dandi

Founder & Marketing Expert
Specializes in SEO and online marketing for different brands worldwide with over 10 years of experience.

Niv Ariel

Founder & Technological Entrepreneur
Co founder of “”.
A ticket platform for parties and events all over the world.
(over 10 million tickets sold).


A Blockchain Expert
Comes from the world of big data.
Managing multiple development teams across the globe.

Dmitry Gamov

Art Director
Dmitry Gamov is skilled in Texture Painting, UV Mapping, Game Art, and Character Concept Design.
Dmitry worked with some major companies and even some BIG games such as “Halo” and “Age of Empires”.

Sara Louise

Sara has been working for the Academy of Animated Art for a couple of years, as well as for Toynk Toys as well as selling models and art independently.

Saeid Rezaee

Saeid is an international freelance 3d artist.
A creative designer and animator with more than a decade of experience under his belt. 

Dmitry JD

Art director \ digital artist \ 3D generalist, graphic designer.
12 years of experience in the industry, worked with clients such as ASUS / PLAYBOY / FENDI / YANDEX.